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Our History

In 2009, Richard Jenkins formed Stone Toro as a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) focused on alternative investments. In its initial years of operation, Stone Toro launched an event hedge fund, two alternative mutual funds, and several institutional separate accounts. At the same time, Stone Toro managed retail investment accounts that benefited from the research and investment strategies used in its institutional relationships.

Drawing from both its institutional and retail experience, Stone Toro developed a hedge-fund-like strategy for the average investor and fully deployed this strategy in 2015. Mr. Jenkins describes this investment approach in his book Don’t Bet On Wall Street. With this strategy, Stone Toro combines higher-return investments in a way that tends to lower overall portfolio risk.  While large institutional investors have employed similar strategies for many years, Stone Toro is one of the first companies to make this approach available to individual retail investors with conservative to moderately conservative risk tolerance.

In 2017, Stone Toro withdrew its registration as a RIA and registered its investment adviser representatives with Spire Wealth Management, LLC. This has enabled Stone Toro to deliver its investment advice to a broader audience and leverage the technology and operational excellence of a larger company. Now, Stone Toro provides both traditional wealth management and managed account solutions that leverage its years of experience in both asset allocation and alternative investments.