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Focused on the CPA
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Stone Toro approachs the investment process like a CPA.  Afterall, our Founder is a CPA. If you are a CPA, it’s worth finding out why both you and your clients would be happier with Stone Toro on your team.
We take a conservative approach to investing and manage clients’ portfolio risk.

We do not have custody of your clients’ investments. All we can do is trade the account.

We work hard to give the best service, and we take responsibility if the client isn’t happy.

Our founder practiced as a CPA for over 20 years. We understands what you need as a CPA.

We understand your estate, tax, and financial plans and incorporate it into our investment approach.

Our planning process often identifies opportunities and issues that benefits both you and your clients.

Business Development
Stone Toro helps you build your practice through referrals, networking, and client services.

We will evaluate your clients’ investment portfolios free of charge. A great service at tax time.

We love helping out at your client events as guest speakers, educators, and promoters of your business.