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Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer

Email: richard@stonetoro.com

Direct: 609.748.1936


Richard Jenkins is the Founder of Stone Toro, an investment solutions provider to both individuals and institutions. Originally started as a hedge fund and alternative mutual fund company, Richard advanced Stone Toro’s mission into its current operations as an investment adviser focused on the needs of the retiree and those saving for retirement.

Richard is the author of Don’t Bet On Wall Street.  In this book, he describes how Stone Toro helps the average investor reduce risk in their investment portfolios by using strategies once reserved for only the largest of institutional investors. His proprietary approach has received the endorsement of many in the investment industry including Ivy League® investment professors and hedge fund managers.

With over 35 years in the financial services industry, Richard delivers investment advice that draws on his experience as a CPA, CFP®, financial advisor, and CEO of an alternative investment company. His clients have included some of the largest investment companies, sovereign funds, big banks, and many successful executives. Before Stone Toro, he worked as a financial advisor at UBS and Merrill Lynch, and he has held VP and Director positions in strategy, marketing, finance, and internal audit. Richard started his career at PWC working as a CPA in both the audit and tax departments.

James D. Harrington

James D. Harrington

Senior Investment Adviser

Email: james.harrington@stonetoro.com

Direct: 267.632.7070


Jim Harrington is a Senior Investment Adviser at Stone Toro. He has over 25 years of investment experience, encompassing both institutional assets and private client assets. He provides clients with an institutional approach to investment management and custom designs each investment account for the specific needs of his clients.

In addition to his duties at Stone Toro, Jim is an Adjunct Professor at Temple University where he teaches courses on financial planning and investments. Also, Jim obtained additional training on Social Security planning and conducts private consultions for clients approacing retirement.

Prior to Stone Toro, Jim served as the Chief Investment Officer at Brinker Capital where he was responsible for managing $10 Billion of assets for a variety of private clients and institutions. Prior to Brinker, Jim was the investment manager for several multi-­billion dollar defined benefit pension plans and 401(k) plans including U.S. Airways, Crown Holdings, and Sunoco. Jim received a BBA with distinction from Penn State University and has an MBA from the University of Georgia. He is also a CFA charter holder.

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